Ruta del Sol is a small quality home kennel with Chihuahuas. My name is Jaana and I have been in love with animals since I was a child. My hobbies are everything that has to do with dogs.

At the present, 7 wonderful chihuahua girls and two boys belong to our family. The dogs are living with us in our house, that has a lovely green garden. They can always run free in the garden if they want to. They have become members of our family, share our love and care. They have been growing up around people and are used to having people around. Every dog gets a lot of personal attention every day.

I got my first chihuahua some years ago and since then I have been in love with this intelligent breed. My education about dogs: Gwen Bailey(England)-puppies breeding, Alain Fontbonne DVM, MSc dipl.ECAR(France)-dogs reproduction, breeding, Merja Dahlblom DVM(Finland)-dogs reproduktion, breeding, Maureen Sullivan Gamble(USA)-anatomy of a standard, Piret Kannike,Urve Lageda(Estonia)-dogs behavior, prof.Haldja Viinalass(Estonia)-DNAtests, Maret Kärdi(Estonia)-FCI breeding, Ülle Kell(Estonia)-eyediseases, Sigitas Cizinauskas(Finland)-neurological diseases, Juulia Martimo(Finland)-chihuahuas teeth, S.Martikainen(Finland)- heart diseases, A.M Kiviranta(Finland)- epilepsy, dr.Kersti Seksel(Australia)BVS(Hons) MRCVS MA(Hons) FACVSc(Animal Behaviour)Dipl ACVB CMAVA DECVBM-CA- dogs behaviour. Juha Kares(Finland) – breeding. Marja Kosonen & Merja Kahelin (Finland) – information day for chihuahua breeders. Francesco Cochetti (Italy) – seminar about Chihuahuas. Succsessfully completed the training of dog judges (part I) and EKL (FCI) breeding training.

I´m  member of the board of the Estonian Chihuahua Club.

And member Chihuahua RY of Finland, The Finnish Toy Dog Association, Estonian Kennel Union, Finland Kennel Union.

Jaana Vahter


Tel.+372 51 906109